Thursday, July 19, 2012


What a news story! Julie Ogden, from New Jersey, drove all the way to Hinesville, Georgia to bring a lost dog back home. Juile had seen that the dog was 2 hours from being euthanized if not adopted from a shelter, and took the dog home. Then, when she saw that the dog’s owners were looking for their dog, who had gotten out of their back yard when a storm blew away the fence, she just had to get her back home. A whole caravan of people- cars, vans, motorcycles, all took this dog back to Belinda and Terrel Stevenson’s home. Belinda’s husband, Johnny ‘Pops’ Brooks Stevenson, Jr., had lost his life serving in Afghanistan. Their dog, Savannah, was very close to Pops, and was a sweet reminder of him after his untimely death at age 51. The extent to which people would go to get this dog home, and comfort this family, was a big enough news story for the NBC nightly news. Homecomings are big news! It is just like our heavenly father, whose heart is longing for us and has made a way for our return. No barrier is too big for our God to bust through and get us home, if we will let ourselves be rescued by the one who loves us best!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Designed to be Loved

Home Design. Interior design. Designer clothes. I remember when designer jeans were the hot new rage! The idea is that special attention went into a special product. In Ephesians 1:3-14 we see that we were especially designed to be loved by God! Even before the incredible beauty of our earth was thought of, we were thought of! How awesome! It’s so inspiring to look at the way our earth was designed, how breathtaking the views that only his intelligent design could create. But to think that we were in mind before any of this, is enough to humble me, and make me pause in the wonder of it! Take time today, and pause in the wonder of the love of our heavenly father, who took great pleasure making you, to love you now and forever!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Second Leap of Faith

Choosing to believe is like opening a door to a multitude of possibilities! In Mark 6:1-13 we see Jesus in his own hometown. Though he did many miracles in other towns and cities, he did few here. Why? Because they said, ‘He’s just that little kid we watched grow up!’ (Rough translation!) Jesus had just spoken eloquently at their meeting place. They were initially impressed. But the people let their preconceived ideas about Jesus close the door to all the wonders that could have been through the Son of God! How often do we do the same?

We limit what God can do when we do not believe in him. God is ready to do more than we could think, ask, or imagine. But for those of us who have made the leap of faith to really believe in God, do we still limit God when we refuse to make the next leap of faith to see the Jesus in his children? Yes. How many things does God want to do through all his children around us? Only God knows. And if we want to know, see, and experience all these kingdom possibilities, then let us pray that the Lord opens the eyes of our hearts to see that no one is just [fill in the blank!]. May we believe in God, and his children!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Healing Adventure

Everyone wants a healing. We see it in Mark 5:21-43, and several other places in the Gospels. When news of Jesus’ power to heal spread, a crowd gathered and pressed in.  Physical healings he did, but to all he did and still does offer inner healing. We are his body. As we are healed ourselves, and gather to form his body, we offer to the world the possibility of the inner healing as only Christ can bring. It means that, just like Jesus, people may be attracted to our fellowship because they are in need of healing. Jesus must have become weary with all the ones seeking healing. But he carried out his mission. And so must we. Being his body brings with it the mission of being the healing presence in a hurting world. What an awesome adventure we have been chosen to embark upon!