Friday, April 27, 2012

The Cure for Post-Pardon Depression

 How ironic is it that after the resurrection of Christ, his disciples initially were down and depressed? Just picture the disciples on the Emmaus road, so distracted by their own issues that they could not recognize Jesus walking beside them. The greatest event of all time, our pardon thru the Christ event, had just happened, and these two disciples are talking about how disappointed they are!
It’s merely being human to be disappointed, and see that the world, even post resurrection, looked, and still looks, unredeemed! Just because we begin a relationship with Christ, and accept the pardon he paid for, does not mean that the world in which we live will be an encouraging evidence of completeness! But if we can get our mind around the fact of what Christ did, and choose daily to allow the Lord to give the eyes of our heart his vision, we do not have to be depressed! We can choose to believe, and let him explain to us the way things really are, just like the two disciples in Luke 24:13-32 then we can have a kingdom perspective on life. We can see thru his eyes the reality of complete pardon, even while living in a world not yet complete in regeneration. We can walk out our faith choice on our road. This Christ-given insight into the walk of faith is the cure for our Post Pardon Depression! So, today, let’s not start with our day informing us how incomplete it is, let’s begin with letting Christ reminding us how complete is his redeeming work!  

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Road to Blessing!

In the 133rd Psalm, a song on the road to the Holy City, David says how great it is when we all get along! It is a short Psalm, and has the tone of a dream to be realized, a far-off land which we long for, and seek, but do not often find. Our scripture is an honest look at our human condition! Scripture chronicles the many attempts we’ve made in trying to become one, both failures and some levels of success. In the book of Acts, high levels of unity were achieved, and sustained for a time, with phenomenal results. Unity is a lofty goal. When we realize that we really can progress toward this goal, real progress, then we will be much closer to that state of being. And, yes, it is a goal which God promises to bless! And, surely our steps of progress in this direction are blessed steps, well worth our diligent efforts!

Just Like I Said

 “Like I said…” It’s probably not been long since you’ve said this or heard this! It’s not easy convincing people of some things. Sometimes they just have to experience it for themselves. Then they are surprised that things are just as they had been told! I’m sure you could fill in several examples here!
It’s exactly the case with Easter. The disciples and other friends of Jesus were shocked to find out that Jesus was alive. It’s not that the scriptures were devoid of descriptions of the event. And Jesus himself gave a precise description of the events leading up to, and including, his crucifixion, death, and resurrection. But it still took them by ‘surprise’! We look back and wonder how anyone could be surprised, but don’t we do the same thing?
The story of life is told in detail: here’s how life works. Here’s where we came from, here’s where we are heading, here’s how redemption comes, from God through Christ. Life does get complicated, but at the core, it really is just as we are told!

The ‘just like he said’ idea in this blog may be seen (among other places) in Mark 16:1-8

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Door Buster

Damascus Gate.
 A couple of days ago my wife and I heard a loud bang at 5a.m.  It was the back door of our back porch. Our beloved dog, Lili, had just jumped on the door and burst right through it! At about 78 pounds of raw instinctive might, she had apparently just seen a squirrel or cat, and decided to save the world single handedly (paws actually.) Her instinct to get through that door was amazing!  (I caught her before she had a chance to get at any small creatures-no animal was harmed in the illustration of this blog.)
We all have times that we must wait for God to open the door to the next chapter in our life. We want to bust it open, pray it open, wish and hope it open, but really it takes an act of God!
As Jesus burst through the gates of Jerusalem to face his life’s mission, the real work was not just a happy entrance through that door. It was in his life’s work in the days to come after going through that door.
It’s the same with us. God makes a way for new chapters. But then, there is plenty of work for us to be about, as we follow (not lead) our Savior in the work of the kingdom. Jesus is the door Buster. We’re the followers and servants. It’s a great arrangement!

For the story of the triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem, see John 11:1-11.