Thursday, February 21, 2013


John Calvin,
“It is a promise which eminently deserves our observation that all who are united to Christ and acknowledge Him to be Christ and Mediator will remain to the end safe from all danger, for what is said of the body of the Church belongs to each of its members since they are one in Christ.”
John Calvin


Can we count on a God who makes good on his promise(s)? Of course we want to answer ‘Yes’!  But if we honestly look at ourselves, don’t we sometimes let our faith slip, and doubt God? Or maybe even argue with God about how he doesn’t keep his promises? Let’s be honest! In Genesis chapter 15, Abram challenges God in the promise of a future. Abram assumes that since he has not had children, and God’s promise of blessing must, in Abram’s mind, come that way, that God isn’t coming through with his promise. God reassures Abram that the promise will be made good, but it takes Abram a while to get it. (To get the children, and to get it, as in getting a clue!)  Abram does get to the believing part. Let’s do the same! The longer we spend arguing with God (do we really think we are going to win?!) the longer it takes to get to the good part of our story: faith! Faith that says: my Savior’s promise of my future is a good one! Despite a church history that unfortunately includes arguing with God and each other, let’s remember the other part: ‘and he believed, and it was counted to him as righteousness’! God always keeps this promise!