Thursday, January 3, 2013

Live The Dream
It was hard to believe, with the classic book being over 150 years old, the Broadway musical getting ready for its third run, and over 55 million people seeing it, [  June 21, 2011] that someome actually might seriously (not jokingly) call Les Miserables ‘Less Miserable.’  But they did. As we wanted to see the blockbuster new movie, the movie phone announcement went through the whole list of movies and show times, and for this movie said, ‘and the show times for Less Miserable is….’.  I guess not everyone is into the genre (musical or opera.) That’s ok. But the theme is something we can all get into. The heart’s desire within us all is to overcome injustice and oppression. We are born knowing that freedom and living life to its fullest is our destiny. We seek it. We can get discouraged in the quest, but deep down is the spark for soaring in life, ready to be fanned into flame. See the movie if you want to see this masterfully portrayed by Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, and Anne Hathaway. But if you want to truly ‘live the dream,’ it takes more than a couple of hours in the theatre, and will cost more than $8-12. It’s a lifelong pursuit. Just as the magi had a long, tiring journey to get to the Christ child, and had to leave their nice dwellings to go to a stinking barn in a small crowded city, and share the space with shepherd outcasts, our journey will take all we have and our whole life. But when we seek we find. The light of life dawns as we seek Christ, find Christ, and the joy in the journey is priceless. I have found this to be true! Have you? Leave a comment if you wish, and tell me how you’ve found joy and relief in life as you journey toward Christ- I’d love to hear about it!