Wednesday, November 12, 2014

On (Christ) Purpose

Dr Myles, Ruth Ann Munroe

My heart hurt to hear the news of a pastoral couple who lost their lives in a tragic plane crash, on their way to be in ministry. I read of their two children left behind, and my sadness deepened. My heart went out to the children, and when I saw the picture of the couple’s smiling faces in the Forbes article online, (‘Internationally Renowned Preacher and Transformational Leader, Dr. Myles Munroe Killed in Bahamas Plane Crash’ 11-10-2014) I just wanted to cry. Then I read to the end of the article, and my heart was so inspired to read: ‘Dr. Munroe died living out his purpose in life; spreading the gospel of Christ’ How awesome to read in mainstream press! And how fitting for any of us to aspire to. And how fitting to ponder, as we celebrate this (Christmas, Advent) season. Jesus was born for, lived for, died for, rose again for, and reigns for, the purpose of knowing him now and forever. Living knowing this, our purpose, means we live on purpose. Let us pray that through all that we do in this and in all seasons, that we remember and live out our purpose: knowing Christ, that all may know Christ!