Saturday, May 11, 2013

Jesus Sounds Like Mom!
I remember one daily recurring theme for my mother: will we all be at the dinner table at the same time? After school activities, work schedules, and just plain old life all seemed to creep in on this important time. Family time.  All the family at one place at the same time.  A place to share the happenings of the day. Catch up on what’s happened and what’s happening. Getting everyone together is what Jesus spoke of in John 17:20-26. He prayed that all his children would get on the same page, for God’s sake. That all who believed would be of one heart and mind, and many more would believe. Each of us with our God-given unique personalities, our differing takes on just about everything, have many excuses to grow apart. But Christ prayed that we be one. And he gave us the unifying answer: himself. The unity he spoke of did not depend upon agreement on other views. It was agreement on one thing: belief in Jesus, the perfect Savior of the world. It is this belief, this faith in God coming to us in human form, which is bigger than all of life’s other issues, if we will let it be.

Everyone all together, all saying thanks, at one table. Mom’s dream.  Jesus prayer. Let it be!

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